Stress Monitoring with Mobile Application: Stress Catcher 2.0

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Aslina Baharum Low Xian Wee Siti Hasnah Tanalol Rozita Hanapi


Individuals nowadays have suffered a lot from stress due to the high workload from works or education. However, most of them could not identify their stress level or not even understand what stress is. Stress can be both personal and others factors such as testing and exams, family break-up, treat high-handedly by others, and unfair treatment by society. A study was conducted in order to study student’s stress level and create a mobile application of stress monitoring application based on questionnaire, namely as Stress Catcher 2.0. Mobile-D methodology was used. Throughout the study, stress monitoring application (Stress Catcher 2.0) will be able to identify the stress level of students and provide suitable tips for user to cope with their own stress.

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